Any rabbit can join the Pet Health Club and there are no age limits, medical restrictions or exclusions. Their owners simply pay a monthly direct debit to ensure that they have all of the essential preventative treatments they need:

  • Annual Vaccination against Myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease
  • Parasite control treatment for the year
  • Annual treatment against E-cuniculi

Full health examination (twice yearly)

Over and above this you and your rabbit can enjoy generous discounts on many lifetime medications, routine neutering, dental procedures, pet food and waiting room items.   

Budgeting in this way makes it affordable to keep on top of your rabbit’s general health care, as well as helping you to save money. No more having to put aside money each time their booster, worm and flea treatment is due. Simply book the appointment and enjoy the benefits. 

Monthly Healthy Pet Club fee for rabbits £7.80

For more information please talk to a member of staff in your local surgery or alternatively join us online at