There may come a point in your pet’s life when the vet gently suggests that you should consider having your pet euthanased. This might be because your pet has a terminal illness or is suffering from extreme injury and pain. Euthanasia will allow your pet to die peacefully, with dignity and without further suffering.

As pet lovers ourselves, we are all too aware that this can be a terribly hard decision to make. But it’s one of the kindest things that an owner can do for their pet.

What happens when my pet is ‘put to sleep’?

The vet will give your pet a lethal dose of a strong anaesthetic, usually into a vein in its front leg. Your pet will feel no pain and will lose consciousness very quickly before dying peacefully. This is a very controlled and painless method of euthanasia. Your vet can give a sedative beforehand to calm and relax your pet if they’re particularly nervous.

You can choose to stay with your pet at this time if you wish, or we can arrange for you to see your pet afterwards. On occasion, we may be able to visit your pet at home but this would need to be booked in advance. We work very closely with a local pet crematorium, and are able to discuss different cremation options with you. There’s also the option to bury your pet at home.

We understand that saying goodbye can be a hugely distressing experience. It’s why we have a dedicated team to help and support you throughout this sad and difficult time.

You can gain further support by contacting the Pet Bereavement Service – give them a call on 0800 096 6606 or e-mail