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I’d like to get a new pet by re-homing a dog or cat – can you help?

If you’re looking to give a home to a dog or cat, then we hope the following links will help you find your new friend…

We have a close working relationship with Birmingham Dogs Home (including Sunnyside Kennels) and visit both homes regularly, several times a week to check on the dogs. All of the dogs that are re-homed from Birmingham Dogs Home and Sunnyside Kennels receive a full health check from a St George’s vet before they go to their new home. All new owners will also be given a pack, which contains money-off vouchers from St George’s Vets to be used during their first year of ownership.

Birmingham Dogs Home
New Bartholomew Street, Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 5QS.
Tel: 0121 643 5211

Sunnyside Kennels
Dark Lane, Coven, WV10 7PN.
Tel: 01902 790 618

Cats Protection

There are several Cats Protection branches surrounding our own surgeries, all of which desperately need our help in finding homes for all of the cats in their care. If you’re thinking of acquiring a feline friend, please check out your nearest Cats Protection branch and see if you can help give a second chance to one of their cats.

Tel: 01902 651 173

Halesowen & District     
Tel: 0845 371 2062       

Cannock & Burntwood      
Tel: 01543 279 641

Stray animals


Stray dogs are the responsibility of the local council. If you find a stray dog, please contact the dog warden at the local council of the area you found the dog in.

Each local council will have made provisions for stray dogs when the council offices are closed. If you live in the area controlled by Wolverhampton Council and you find a healthy stray dog outside of office hours you can hand the stray in to St George’s Hospital in Wolverhampton. Please don’t take dogs to any of our other branch surgeries, as we are unable to accept them there.  

We will check any stray presented to us for a microchip, and endeavour to reunite the dog with its owner. If no microchip is found, the dog will be transferred by the dog warden to Sunnyside Kennels the following day.  

We regret that we are unable to accept healthy strays from any area other than that controlled by Wolverhampton Council.


The RSPCA is the organisation responsible for healthy stray cats. If you feel you have a stray cat, please contact the RSPCA. They will send an animal collection officer to collect the cat, although this can take a few days due to the large caseload the RSPCA carries.

We regret that we are not able to accept healthy stray cats.

Injured stray animals

If you find an injured stray animal, we will take if from you and administer first aid and pain relief.  We’ll then make every effort to find an owner.