Common Hazards


I think my pet has been poisoned – what should I do?

If your pet ingests something poisonous, prompt treatment is needed. Very often, making the pet vomit up the toxin is all that is needed. If some time has passed since the toxin was ingested, making the pet vomit may not be an option. Your pet may require a drip or other supportive treatment while his or her body eliminates the toxin.  

While it is vital that your pet gets to a vet as quickly as possible, we always ask you to bring any obvious packaging relating to the toxin to your appointment. We are backed by the excellent Veterinary Poisons Information Service, so if we know what the pet has ingested, we can call them for the best possible advice. They give us all the information they have on the toxin, allowing us to target treatment and maximise the chances of your pet making a full recovery.