Common Hazards

Cat bites

My pet has been bitten by a cat – what should I do?

Cat bites, usually to another cat, are a common injury in veterinary practice. They occur when cats fight one another, usually over territory.  While these are not a life-threatening emergency, your cat will need treatment.  

Cat’s mouths are full of bacteria. When these are passed into the skin by a bite, they can form large, painful abscesses. This can lead to high fevers and a depressed, lethargic cat.  

Your cat should see a vet within the first 24 hours after a bite, where treatment with antibiotics and painkillers will be needed. If a particularly large abscess has formed, your cat may require sedation to have the abscess lanced and flushed out.  

A final word on cat bites – neutered cats are less likely to fight than unneutered cats, especially males. This is another reason why we always advise having your pet neutered.