We accept cash, cheques (with a valid banker’s card), debit cards and most major credit cards, with the exception of American Express, at our local surgeries and St George’s Hospital. Our equine vets use laptops and produce bills at the time of treatment. We can accept payments for home/site visits using cash or credit/debit cards.

If your pet requires any treatment, we’ll discuss the various treatment options with you and give you an estimate of the likely cost. If, during the course of treatment, it becomes obvious that the fees are likely to go above the estimate, we’ll contact you to let you know. 

We strongly recommend that you purchase an appropriate level of pet insurance so that we never have to compromise the treatment given to your pet on cost grounds. Our experience has shown that comprehensive insurance cover provides both peace of mind and financial security, should the unthinkable happen…

We do offer direct insurance claims for treatments where the total cost is more than £250. Direct claims can only be made by prior arrangement and we reserve the right to refuse direct claims on some policies.

If you’re claiming treatment costs back under your insurance policy, please bring with you:

  • Current insurance documents;
  • A claim form signed by the policyholder.

At all stages, the primary responsibility for the pet’s account remains with the pet owner, even if the pet is insured. This has to be the case, as some insurance policies may not pay for all of the treatments.

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